Photographs on a website can form part of the background theme or 'feeling' of a website.  It can also be part of the content itself.

Professional (or good amateur) Photography

Using a good photographer can make a huge impact on your message.  The photos are not necessarily confined to just your own website use.  They can form part of other marketing material.  You don't want to populate a shiny new website with sub standard imagery.

Note: Professional photographers will have a policy for ownership and rights of use for the photographs built into their contracts. It's important to understand these.

Stock Photos

If you feel you can't justify the cost or time involved in a professional photoshoot a good second best option is quality stock photography.  You will usually pay for the images but the costs are generally very reasonable.  You lose the personalisation that would happen with having your own subject matter, but it could be a good starting point.

Flickr Photo Embedding

Flickr gives a wonderful way to embed content directly into a website or blog or share it on social media.  The images are stored on the Flickr servers as sets or collections.

Setting up Flickr is straight forward. Just create and account and you are ready to begin uploading images.

Flickr Options

  • By upgrading your account to the 'Pro' version, you have unlimited space for uploading photos (cost is around $30 USD / year). If you use the basic free account there are limits placed on how many images will be visible to others.
  • Use an upload manager like Flickr Uploader to make batch uploading a breeze.

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Lightbox Image Gallery

An alternative to using a service like Flickr, you can store photographs directly on your own website server.

Note: Storing images on your own website server is fine for smaller numbers of photographs, but the ability to easily share with social media and large storage capacity of the photo sharing services make them a better option for larger collections.

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