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Everyone is short on time these days - there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. There are a number of helpful free or almost free tools out there that help get a little more done in the day (or at least make it feel that way).

Remember the milk

Remember The Milk

This is a great online application for creating a 'To Do" list(s).

The lists can be categorised however you like.  You can lists like work, family or exercise lists.  You can also set task priority to help you get those things done first.

Go Mobile

There are free iPhone and Android apps that allow you to check and add to your lists directly from your phone.  The free version allows you to synch once a day with your online account.

For a modest annual fee you can upgrade to the Pro version of Remember The Milk and it allows on-demand synching with your online account so you will always be up to date.  I've gone for this version and it's great.  If I have a task that I suddenly think of, I can quickly add it on my phone wherever I am and the next time I'm hooked up to the phone network or WiFi the accounts can be synched.

  • Get email, SMS or IM reminders
  • Share tasks with others (I haven't seen the need for this myself, but certainly could be useful for some)
  • Integrate with your Google Calendar

If you haven't already, it's worth checking out:



Toggl - Timetracking

This is a web-application that I have used for a couple of years now.  It would be my most used web-application.

It is a time-tracking tool that is very simple to use. I use it every day to keep track of where my time is spent on the web.  I can see how productive (or not) over a specific time period or how long I spent on a particular project.

toggle screen2

Insanely simple time tracking.
Toggl kills timesheets.

Toggl Website

Web, Desktop, Mobile

You can use Toggl in a number of formats and it all just synch's nicely.

Free vs. Paid

I'm still just using the free version but the Pro (paid) version allows for teams of greater than 5 and the ability to set billing rates for projects. The monthly cost is not too bad at all at $10 USD when billed monthly and $9 USD when billed annually, considering how powerful the application is.

Track it all!

I'm going to start using Toggl to track more of my non-work activities.  There are things that I want to achieve that require my regular input to get there.  Being able to measure objectively I spend my time should help get things done as I can get actually measure just how much time is going into different activities.  It'so easy to use that it might just be the right tool for the job... Check out Toggl for yourself.